The Catdog Deli

Fresh Meat

We are an approved and licenced supplier of fresh (not frozen) quality meats, including:
Beef, kangaroo, rabbit/beef mix, organic mix, chicken, chicken necks and a variety of fresh bones.

Dry food

We stock only premium Australian and imported dry food (no Asian imports) for cats and dogs such as:
Eukanuba, Iams, Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Nutro and Advance.

Supplements and Medications

Our range includes the major flea and tick prevention medications such as Advantage, Advantix,
Frontline, Revolution and Sentinel.

We also stock Heartgard, Canex and Drontal worming medication, and supplements such as multi-vitamins, omega 3 oil, flaxseed oil
cod liver oil, Calcium powder, Sasha’s blend, Joint gard, Pernease Powder etc.

Grooming Products

Available are a full range of brushes combs, de-matters, nail clippers and electric clippers for the DIY groomer.
Also we have an extensive range of shampoos, conditioners,including medicated shampoos for dogs
with sensitive skin or allergies.

Clothing and Fashion

We stock a large range of practical clothing and fashion garments for aspiring canine models.

Kennels, Crates and Cages

High quality plastic and timber kennels are available to house your Chihuahua or your Irish Wolfhound. We also have puppy pens,
and crates and cages for transporting your cat or dog, including airline approved cages.


A huge range of local and imported beds, mats, igloos and trampolines to suit any size cat or dog.
We also supply bedding straw for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Collars, Leads, Harnesses, Chains and Restraints

A huge range of leather and synthetic collars, leads, and harnesses.
Many fashion lines such as Puppia, Dogue, Karlie, Mic Mac, and Fuzzyard.

We also specialise in walking restraints such as Gentle Leader and Halti .

Training leads, choker chains, clickers, silent whistles and electronic anti-barking collars are also available.

Cat litters, Trays, Liners and Deodorisers

All the major litters types are in stock, including recycled paper, recycled rice husks, clumping litter and odour absorbing crystals.
We also have a range of litter trays and liners.

Toys and Amusements

A huge range of dog and cat toys to cater for the various life and energy stages.
These include soft toys, rubber toys, chew toys such as Nylabone, treat dispensing toys such as Kong,
and a range of tough toys for busy mouths.