The Catdog Deli
The Catdog deli was born of an idea my wife and I had in 2004, to open a specialty Pet food store that
would focus on the best possible nutrition for our beloved cats and dogs.

We opened our doors in January 2005 with a simple recipe of selling premium quality dry food and fresh meat,
served with a good dose of friendly and informed advice.

This quickly expanded into many other products and services that our customers required for
their pets to be healthy, happy and looking good.

To this end, we moved to a much larger store a few doors down in January 2007.
The additional space has enabled us to include a full range of products and medications,
plus services such as, grooming, DIY hydrobaths, dog walking, feeding, and minding.

Our business continues to be owned and run by the two of us, in a caring and friendly manner.